About Me

Hi I am Shivani. So why the hell I started Deliciously Vegetarian. It is a long story, no worries I will cut it short for you! The main idea is to introduce people to a variety of vegetarian food which is tasty and nutritious. When you are a vegetarian in a Western country it is obvious that you will get questionable faces every time you say that you are a vegetarian. All my veggie buddies might be able to relate to that one. The common reaction I used to get was “What do you eat? Leaves?” And so I would go on to explain them that there is plenty of vegetarian variety out there, giving examples out Indian cuisine, which is fully loaded with vegetarian dishes and trust me it is simply delicious!! Soon I realized that there are many misconceptions about the nutritional fitness of vegetarian lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian my entire life and surprise surprise I am still alive and in perfect health. The topic became of great interest to me and decided to understand the perspective from the other side, my non-vegetarian counterparts. In the final year of master studies, I decided to write my master thesis on “Consumers’ motivation to eat meat and their attitude towards a plant-based diet.”  As part of my empirical research I conducted interviews with non-vegetarians and asked them about the reason behind their attachment to meat and if they can imagine leading a vegetarian lifestyle if introduced to a variety of vegetarian food. The answers I received were somewhat expected but I was also amazed by some responses.