Easy Almond Tea Cookies: Shortbread Style

Easy Almond Tea Cookies: Shortbread Style

These almond cookies are a big hit in my family near and far. Not exaggerating, but I have been asked for the recipe of these cookies many times. So I decided to share it with you all.  Caution: these cookies are extremely good, chances are they are gone too soon. So be prepared to bake another batch soon. Yes, they are that good!

I started baking almond cookies many years ago and since then its taste and texture has evolved and improved. I have found efficient ways to make the process quick. Also, how to make the perfect bite.  As in every aspect of life, cooking is also about trying and testing. Keeping things that work and getting rid of those that do not work. And most importantly, learning from your mistakes and not repeating them. That is how you learn and develop in every area of your life and it is a long process. As I said it took me years of baking these cookies to finally make the ones that are absolutely irresistible. So enough philosophy let’s get into baking!

I never measure ingredients while cooking except when baking cakes. I always eyeball them and just work with ‘feel’. So for this post, I made a batch of cookies and measured the ingredients precisely so that you can achieve the same results. I think this idea of eyeballing and working with feel works best for me in cooking and gives me much better results than if i strictly follow a recipe. The recipes and measurement are only here to give you a guideline, but in the end you the creator, you decide. Cooking is all about experimenting, so my advice to feel free to break and tear a recipe and add your own touch to it. Sometimes you will fail but there will be times where your recipe will become a super hit.

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