6 Days in Montenegro as a Vegetarian

6 Days in Montenegro as a Vegetarian

Hi guys, I was in Montenegro for a week, exploring the beautiful country, its natural beauty, and cultural heritage. Being a vegetarian, I know how hard it can be in a foreign country to find quality plus tasty food. Therefore, I wrote this guide to share my experience- 6 days in Montenegro as a vegetarian. I hope you can get some useful insights. Please do let me know your thoughts on being a vegetarian when in a foreign country.

Day 1

My first stay was in Kamenari, which lies in the east of Herceg Novi. From Tivat airport, I took the taxi ride for about 20 minutes which brought us to Lepetane. From there the car was transported on a ferry to Kamenari. The hotel I was staying at is called Casa del Mare Capitano, which is right in front of the ferry port. The hotel is situated in the old captain’s place, protected by UNESCO. The property is a small boutique style hotel and the staff is very helpful and polite. The hotel has a wine cellar, a small restaurant.

What and where to eat in Herceg-Novi:

For the breakfast, there is a menu card and a small buffet which includes appetizers, müsli, milk, yogurt, cakes, nuts etc. On my first day I arrived around 16:00 at the hotel, rested and went hunting for my dinner in the town. Since I am a very picky eater and fussy about the restaurants, my search took a bit long. But finally, I managed to settle for a Margherita Pizza with mushrooms in a restaurant which was located on the beach, Konoba Tron. The place looked decent and inviting. It was similar to the Italian pizza but lacked the flavor of tomatoes. Therefore, I would rate it 7 out of 10. To quench my thirst, I ordered a lemonade which was honestly not up to the mark. Just water with lemon juice.

Day 2

Next day, I ordered the breakfast from the menu card and went for a veggie omelet and chocolate pancakes upon the recommendation of the chef. For the appetizer, the chef brought a palette of cheese along with a basket of bread. I am very picky when it comes to cheese since I cannot stand the smell of the most them neither I am big on the pungent tastes. Nevertheless, I tasted a bit of all the cheese on the platter except the blue cheese, which makes wanna puke. My vote went to only mozzarella cheese from the platter, other sorts of cheese were either too sour or too pungent in taste.

After 15 minutes of wait, my omelet arrived filled with eggplant, peppers, mushroom and tomato stuffing. I really liked the addition of roasted eggplant and peppers to the omelet. After finishing the omelet, the chef served me hot pancakes, called Palačinke in their language. It is similar to the French crepe and German Palatschinken. The pancakes were filled with a thick chocolate sauce and simply tasted good enough. I had them along with my black tea, which I always carry with me when traveling.

What and where to eat in Kamenari:

After breakfast, I took a taxi ride to the old town of Kotor, which was just 30 minutes away from my hotel. The town is a protected UNESCO heritage. It was a very hot day and the heat was very exhausting, therefore after 3 hours, I decided to head back to the hotel. After relaxing, I made my way to one of the popular restaurants in the vicinity, the Adriatic Restaurant, which is famous for their seafood. Don’t worry I didn’t order any seafood. On the menu, I only found one main vegetarian dish, so I wasn’t left with many options. I ordered spinach ravioli with cream sauce and for the appetizer, guacamole with nacho chips.

Day 3

I started my day with a very fortified breakfast of warm porridge, bread, cakes, puddings, and ajvar. Ajvar is a traditional spread popular all throughout the Balkan countries, prepared from roasted bell peppers and eggplant. It has a creamy texture and tastes smoky, tangy and rich in flavors. After this big breakfast, I decided to explore Budva, which lies on the Adriatic Sea. The ride from my hotel to Budva took almost 40 minutes. The old town of Budva, Stari Grad, features stone built walls built by Venetians, a beautiful seaside Citadel, and historic church.

What and where to eat in Budva:

There are many pretty cafes and restaurant when you walk through the town. To go to Citadel you need to get a ticket which has a museum, an ancient library, restaurant and a skyline view over the Budva town and the sea. Since the restaurant didn’t have any vegetarian main meal, the staff offered to make a vegetable risotto for me. For the dessert, I had a decadent chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which was a melt in the mouth experience.

Day 4

After having breakfast, I checked out of the hotel and made my way to Perast, which is another UNESCO World heritage protected island in Montenegro. The place is simply magical, surrounded by the hills and the sea. There are boats on the port that take you to the church and you can stay there for an hour and click some awesome pictures 🙂

Where and what to eat in Podgorica:

The hotel recommended me a few places where I could get good vegetarian options including the Good Food restaurant which was just 5 minutes away from the hotel. Nevertheless, I decided to stay at the hotel and ordered food from their restaurant. I got a truffle pasta which was extremely delicious and creamy and for the dessert, a cheesecake. The quality of the food was up to the mark and the prices reasonable. Therefore, I definitely recommend Hilton’s restaurant.

Day 5

One of the reasons I booked Hilton for my stay in Podgorica was due to the breakfast buffet. The reviews I read while booking, everyone who stayed at the hotel was praising the wide variety of the breakfast available, plus it also had my chia pudding 😄 So yes the breakfast indeed had loads of variety and I stuffed myself with all of that goodness. As soon as I was done with the breakfast, it started pouring heavily.

Where and what to eat in Podgorica:

My initial plan was to visit lake Skadar and the Dajbabe monastery, which is located on Dajbabe hill and was founded in 1897. However, due to the bad weather, I had to cancel my plans and stay indoors. Since the hotel had many in-house facilities and services to offer, I decided to stay at the hotel and enjoy the spa followed by a full body massage. In the evening I went up to the hotel’s rooftop bar and had a virgin mojito with a cheese quesadilla. Again, simply tasty. For dinner, I ordered again from the hotel’s restaurant and this time went for a creamy mushroom pasta and to satisfy my sweet tooth went for a tiramisu.

Day 6

After all, on this very day, there was no rain, and no sunshine either. Therefore, after finishing my breakfast I quickly made my way out of the hotel to lake Skadar, Sveti Stefan and visit the old town of Budva again. Lake Skadar runs around mountains, but I couldn’t get to that particular point to witness it, therefore stopped by in the nearby old town. After spending about half an hour there, I visited Sveti Stefan which was around 40 minutes away from Lake Skadar.

Where and what to eat in Sveti Stefan:

Sveti Stefan features a resort right in the middle of the sea, called Amman resorts. To enjoy the view, I went for lunch to restaurant Adrovic, which is located right above the Sveti Stefan coast. Since there wasn’t that appealing variety of vegetarian food, I got asparagus soup, which for my taste was quite thick and heavy as a soup.

On a final note, there aren’t that many options for vegetarians if you are thinking of a culinary visit to Montenegro. My philosophy is to keep your expectation levels low, this way you won’t be disappointed. People of Montenegro are very welcoming and helpful. So they can prepare a vegetarian dish on request.

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