Glowing Green Smoothie

Glowing Green Smoothie

With a “New Year New Me” resolution, many of us might have getting fit on their list. I can totally relate, although I do not personally like making new year resolutions. I believe that you make resolutions every day and try stick to it. This way you are actionable and can achieve your goals. Nevertheless, returning back to our fitness resolution, you might be now surfing through the web looking for all possible healthy and detox recipes

Some of common recipes you might have come across is green smoothie. If you are someone who hates putting veggies in their smoothie, you might not be very excited about making it a part of your diet. Believe me I had same opinion. I have never been a big fan of green smoothies. I used to turn my head around when it came to trying a green smoothie. Being well aware of its health benefits I could not make it pass down my throat because it was so tasteless.

Soon I started experimenting a bit, altering between ingredients until I found a perfect blend to suit my taste.  After trying different variations of green smoothies, this blend is by far the best one.  I hope you enjoy that too. I had this smoothie daily for 2 months for breakfast. The results were amazing. I felt lighter, healthier and experienced some improvement in my skin and hair health.

When it comes to food, my goal is to make food healthy and tasty, no compromise with taste!! I am sure it is also hard for you guys to chow down healthy food that is not tasty. So why eat if it does not taste good? I believe that there are plenty of healthy ingredients that can make your dish flavorful and appetizing taking your taste buds on a blissful delectable journey.

Since this recipe includes spinach, you need to make sure that you have a powerful blender. I think one of the reasons I used to dislike green smoothies is the use of hand blender. You can make fruit smoothies easily with a hand blender. But for this one you want your green smoothie to be as smooth and silky as possible, otherwise you might have to chew it.

Start with hardy ingredients such as apple, cucumber and celery at the bottom. Then add your spinach. I rarely have access to fresh spinach, so I use frozen spinach cubes instead. Depending on the size of the cube I use one or two. Then I add the rest of the ingredients.

When I was in the process of experimenting, I explored the internet for recipes. In one of the recipes, I found the addition of Aloe Vera gel, which was very surprising to me. Since I am an Aloe Vera fan, I wanted to give it a shot. You might think that it is disgusting, but believe me you will not even taste it. Aloe Vera is loaded with antioxidant vitamins, essential minerals and enzymes which are great for skin, hair and gut health. Who doesn’t want all of that?The right way to use it for this smoothie is by simply peeling the outer part and taking out the gel. Either this way or you can cut it into half and scrape out the gel with a spoon.

The add banana, this is merely for sweetness and a creamy texture. But you can totally omit it, if you don’t want it. For freshness, I like adding coriander, orange and lemon juice. Plus these ingredients are great for digestive system and loaded with Vitamin C. Add some water to achieve the fluid consistency.

If I feel adding more flavor, i add peanut butter and it takes my smoothie to whole new level. On a side note, I never feel guilty for having peanut butter. Firstly, because I use all natural peanut butter without any additives. Secondly, I consider it as a great source of protein. Finally, add some flax seeds for some more goodness.

Here is how you can make this smoothie and enjoy its health benefits. It is recommended to have it on empty stomach for maximum benefits.

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