About Me

About Me

Why does Deliciously Vegetarian exist?


Hello, I am so happy that you found me 🙂 Welcome to my blog Deliciously Vegetarian. As the name suggests I post vegetarian recipes which are a mix of different cuisines and on the blog you will find some informational content about vegetarianism and stuff related to health. I hope you can find some valuable insights.

So now more on myself. My name is Shivani Sohal. I was born in India and at the age of 14 I moved to Austria with my family. I live with my parents and two younger siblings in Vienna. Life is good and I am enjoying every moment of it 🙂 Oh and my entire family is vegetarian!

And here it comes- I have never tasted meat or fish. So growing up in India as a vegetarian is not a big deal. But it is kind of a big deal when you are in the western part of the world. When I moved to Vienna, vegetarianism was not really in trend and every time I told people that I am a vegetarian, they seemed very surprised. And one question that I always got was “What do you eat? Leaves?” I know it is hard to think of meat-free options if that is your staple diet.

In my defense, I would explain that there is plenty of vegetarian variety out there by giving examples of Indian cuisine, which is fully loaded with vegetarian dishes and is simply delicious!! Soon I realized that there are many misconceptions about the nutritional fitness of a vegetarian lifestyle. The most popular one is that vegetarian food lacks protein and has many other nutritional deficiencies. I have been a vegetarian my entire life and surprise surprise I am still alive and in perfect health. The topic became of great interest to me and I decided to dig deeper and understand the perspective of my non-vegetarian counterparts.
In the final year of my master studies, I chose to write my thesis on “Consumers’ motivation to eat meat and their attitude towards a plant-based diet.” As part of my empirical research, I conducted interviews with non-vegetarians. I asked them about the motivation behind their attachment to meat and if they can imagine leading a vegetarian lifestyle when introduced to a variety of vegetarian food. The answers I received were somewhat expected but I was also amazed by some responses.

The results revealed that vegetarian food is expensive, it does not taste good and soy products such as vegan chicken or soy milk taste artificial to them. Instead, they would prefer real meat and cow milk. Moreover, some participants mentioned that they cannot think of enough vegetarian options. This made clear that there is a lack of adequate information on vegetarianism.

Through Deliciously Vegetarian I hope to provide my readers profound insight into the vegetarian lifestyle and inspire them to give it a shot. I am still on my way to learning and exploring healthier vegetarian options and would love to share it with you all. Let us celebrate our passion for good food and health together.